Label & Certifications

L'Atelier Lital is labeled Join Life.

Join Life is a label created and awarded by the Inditex group with the aim of ensuring that all the factories with which they work are in line with their commitments and environmental policies.

Products manufactured to this standard are manufactured with sustainable raw materials or with the best technologies in at least one manufacturing process. Atelier Lital also complies withREACH standards, guaranteeing that all materials and accessories used comply with the highest standards of conscious manufacturing.

Atelier Lital has started the ISO 9001 process and aims to complete it by 2021.

Join Life
Responsabilité Sociale

We believe in social responsibility

Our community matters.

With our country of origin, Tunisia at our heart, we want support our people.

Atelier Lital is proud to support SeerFellows, a non-profit organization whose objective is to give marginalized women's access to education. We offer an annual scholarship to young women through organization.

We also support Agritable, a Tunis-based non-profit organization that supports smallholder farmers through its agricultural commodity exchange programs. Atelier Lital has partnered with Agritable to purchase a basket of fruit and vegetables for each employee on a monthly basis.

Women come first

At Atelier Lital, we support women throughout their careers.

Equal pay and parity are the two pillars of our human resources strategy.

Our management team is 100% women. More than 50% of our employees are women.

We have also launched initiatives to support education programs for women as well as a fast track to achieve team leader positions.


We take sustainability seriously

Gone are the days when vegan leather required the use of plastic-derived materials.

Ethical, vegan and sustainable alternatives finally exist in the industry.

Whether it's pineapple, cactus or vine leather, Atelier Lital is at the forefront of it all, always experimenting.

The workshop based in Tunis is the only manufacturer in Tunisia to offer vegan leathers, but also to master their use.

Our vegan leather

Invented by Mexican brand Desserto in 2018, this material is the most durable alternative to leather to date. The vegan fabric is made using nopal cactus leaves to create the organic, all-natural leather, and cruelty-free.

PINATEX VEGAN LEATHER: This natural alternative to non-woven leather is made from cellulose fibers extracted from pineapple leaves, which are the waste from the pineapple harvest.

VEGEA WINE LEATHER:Wine leather is a vegan leather alternative, 100% recyclable. Produced by Vegea, an Italian technology company, this hardware is produced from the remains of Italian wine production, using the pits and the hull of the grape

Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion

At Atelier Lital, we know that slow fashion is the future.
That's why we support small local creators.

We believe in a new, slower and more sustainable fashion industry.

While most factories require a minimum order quantity (MOQ), we choose to keep our MOQ low in order to help new creators.

We do not accept to work with exotic skins such as the crocodile, snake or fur and we only partner with brands and customers who have their use.